IT Solutions and Consulting

We are your partner in addressing the unique challenges your business faces. Our list of service offerings is impressive (even to us) and growing. We can help with:

  • Data management, to help ensure your customer data is accurate, clean and secure.

  • Data science, which brings the power of machine learning and advanced technologies to solve your business problems.

  • API management and service-oriented architecture help you harness the potential in connected devices.

  • Cloud services, which migrate your data and applications to a public or private cloud environment.

  • And we are not done. We are constantly looking for the latest technologies that will benefit our clients and help them with winning solutions to challenging problems.

IT Solutions Consulting

IT Strategy

Wizard Group helps you in Achieving business excellence and leveraging our IT Strategy Consulting Services to transform your IT into an agile organization that will fully enable and influence business transformation.

Wizard Groups IT Strategy Consulting Services is a bridge between business and IT, ensuring that your IT services are very much aligned with the business demands and future direction.

Our services:

  • IT Strategy Assessment and Roadmap: Defines a business-focused IT strategy that delivers value across all business functions

  • IT Shared Services Strategy: Defines an IT shared services operating model, on the basis of a validated business case, service catalogue, charge back mechanisms, risk analysis, IT process mapping and a transition roadmap

  • Cloud Strategy: Assess the cloud adoption of existing IT infrastructure within an organization to various deployment models

  • IT Sourcing Strategy: Creates sourcing optimizations with clear benefits and evaluating vendors, location and pricing models

  • Organizational Structure Definition: Creates an operational structure by defining accountability, skill, competency and governance through our focus on IT operating model design and people-process-technology across your organization’s transformation lifecycle

  • IT Skills Assessment: Aligns talent with your business needs, thereby improving organizational and individual performance to create greater shareholder value

  • Demand and Portfolio Management: Ensures that the investment in programs, applications and resources is aligned with your IT strategy

  • Cost Optimization: Identifies cost optimization opportunities across people, process and technology areas

  • IT Performance Metrics:

    • Map organizational goals to IT goals

    • Design an appropriate IT performance management proces

    • Derive measures / scorecards

    • Define targets

  • IT Health Checks: Assesses the health of key IT functions in an organization and arrive at relevant Opportunity for Improvements (OFIs).

Additional benefits:

We help you with practical and reliable solutions resulting in a business aligned IT strategy. By defining the IT strategy of your firm across all areas of the IT function, we help set a business-focused strategic direction to your IT organization. Additionally, we help you with the following benefits:

  • Aligning IT vision and objectives with business goals and strategy

  • Defining the organization structure, accountability and decision rights

  • Maximizing the value delivered by IT assets

  • Measuring the performance of IT

  • Establishing governance mechanism to ensure program success

IT Sourcing Strategy

Data Management & Analytics

Our data management expertise helps organizations standardize, clean, transform, consolidate, and govern their data to meet their specific needs. We provide customized solution for your organization to root data management into the DNA of your enterprise.We help you by providing data management strategy or roadmap, implement and help in operating for your company.

Data Management Analytics

On the other hand,Our data scientists and related experts enable forward-looking, real-time, data-driven decision making throughout an organization by harnessing the power of data science, machine learning, and real-time predictive analysis. Our extensive domain knowledge in all phases of customer lifecycles from marketing to service, combined with our deep expertise in statistics and machine learning, makes us an essential partner in your understanding and use of your data. In addition, our data visualization techniques add a new dimension to data analysis by making it approachable, appealing, and actionable.

How we help:

  • Pricing analytics

  • Consumer behavior driven market micro-segmentation

  • Uplift modeling for campaign effectiveness


APIs are an essential component of the digital marketing. Exposing APIs to the outside world via applications offers huge advantages: APIs can provide increased functionality and data for end users while offering agility and increased business potential for enterprises. Research suggests that the use of APIs will grow exponentially over the next decade.

Wizard Group brings deep expertise in API management. We provide end to end services from defining a winning API strategy to building and testing core APIs to building proxies to secure your API to managing various aspects of your API use.

Digital Delivery

Wizard Group offers a range of digital delivery to help your organization to grow from the bottom line. These include cloud infrastructure deployment (PaaS & SaaS), devOps and core & mobile development.

With our highly experienced team, we ensure that you can enjoy optimal performance, agility, security, risk mitigation, and low operational costs.

We offer expertise in these technologies:
    • Java, .net

    • Python, php

    • Amazon web serivices

IT Consulting

Wizard’s IT Consulting services facilitate customers in process and technology-driven transformation to achieve business outcomes.We provide business and IT consulting services across the lifecycle of business transformation programs from strategy to implementation.

IT Process & Service Management

Today, organizations are so globally dispersed that a versatile IT environment is compulsory to enable effective collaboration across geographies and business units. Wizard Group has experience in designing dynamic systems and driving end-to-end transformation programs.

Your organization needs a best-in-class approach to drive change, allowing you to remain operationally prudent, yet strategically focused. We understand that each transformation initiative is unique. Therefore, our custom offerings give you the flexibility to first identify and prioritize critical business challenges, then devise appropriate solutions. Our process transformation accelerators, enablers and methodologies will help you deliver high quality services to maximize IT’s contribution to business.

We add value to:

  • Integrating globally distributed IT organizations

  • Managing risks and redundancies, especially in merger and acquisition scenarios

  • Aligning with partner operations with different maturity levels

  • Aligning multi-location, multi-vendor environments while ensuring regulatory compliance

  • Optimizing IT costs, while maintaining high customer satisfaction

  • Reducing time-to-market for new products and services

  • Improving delivery efficiency

Data Management Services

Service integration and management

Maximize business value through innovative, reliable and flexible delivery of end-to-end services with strong governance and collaboration, by leveraging Wizard’s Service Integration and Management solution

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) involves the coordination of people, processes, tools and technology, data, and governance across suppliers (including cloud service providers) to ensure effective and efficient service delivery to the business and the end-user.

Our Services

Advisory Services:
  • Determine if SIAM is the right solution for you and build a roadmap for long-term SIAM success

  • Recommend an optimal sourcing model (that is, retained IT or existing service tower provider or an independent SIAM provider)

  • Perform organizational design across the retained organization and SIAM provider

  • Institute governance mechanisms to promote supplier performance

  • Design and implement lean, effective processes and cross-supplier workflows

  • Enhance skills and capabilities for the retained organization

Implementation Services:
  • Build, operate, and transform the SIAM function to drive effective collaboration and governance across the organization

  • Implement the Wizards Service Integration Framework© with robust tools infrastructure

  • Drive your transformation agenda by leveraging the supplier base and enabling business agility

Automation Services:

  • Reaffirm your automation needs for effective integration and formulate an optimal automation tool set

  • Define and drive deployment of the automation roadmap

Cloud Advisory Services

Wizard’s Cloud Advisory Services will enable your organization to develop an overall Cloud Computing strategy, a detailed cost-benefit analysis and a roadmap for enterprise-wide implementation. Incorporating the strategic transformation of processes, technologies and capabilities, our approach ensures the optimal mix of enhanced agility, reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

We add value to:

  • Balancing strategically fiscal realities of current infrastructure costs, capabilities and lifespan v/s the on-demand cloud computing based solutions

  • Assessing the technical capabilities or constraints and associated business requirements tied to private, public or hybrid cloud solutions

  • Managing vulnerabilities in cloud information systems leading to potential information security risks, fraud and/or revenue loss

  • Ensuring the availability of the required skills and resources to efficiently implement cloud solutions

  • Meeting complex compliance requirements and government regulations around storing, accessing and sharing data

  • Building a comprehensive migration strategy to ensure maximum business value, including guidance on what workloads to migrate to which type of cloud computing and for what type of cost and service level or support model

Cloud Advisory Services