Managed Services

Managed Services Provider or commonly known as MSP can be defined as an outsourced third-party company which efficiently manages and assumed the responsibility of running day-to-day business operations and services for its customers.

MSP works towards improving the business operations, boosting the revenue and channelling the growth for the organisation regardless of their size and stature. By obtaining the services of a managed service provider or MSP businesses can outsource the responsibility of running regular business operations but at the same time keep them accountable for the task at hand. MSP are employed to take acre of such business activities are deemed as time-consuming, complex, repetitive and quite difficult.

Managed services are the new buzz word in the IT sector which essentially allows a business to offload their IT operations to a service provider who is called a managed service provider. They assume the responsibility to monitor, manage and provide resolutions to the issues emerging in the IT systems within a business.

Some of the benefits of the Managed Services

Here are the benefits of the Managed Services:

  • Increased operational; efficiency

  • Minimized downtime

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Cost effective access to enterprise level support

  • Get consistent and diligent monitoring of network and IT systems for 24/7/365

  • Allows the focus to be on running the business, and not the technology

Here are some of the services which can allow us to handle while you take care of the core business activities.

Digital Digital Enablement and Process Automation

Wizard enables the digital transformation for the businesses through offering a clear roadmap with practical steps to turn business more agile and customer centric.

Most of the business organisations understand the benefits of the digital enablement but they struggle with the ideas to making it a reality for their business. Wizard offers an opportunity to the businesses to unlock the full potential through a implementing an incremental strategy thereby bringing digital transformation without hampering the daily business process.

Our experts at first help clients in aligning their business towards a new operating model and maps which laid down the tasks to implements to turn business into a customer-centric organisation. In second stage we build the foundation for successful transformation where different building blocks like integrated services, data driven solutions and cloud platforms are carefully selected as per the business needs.

Finally business brims with the free-flowing data and seamless integration across multiple channels which signals the successful; digital transformation for the business.

Ecommerce & Marketplace Platform Development

We develop online retail stores through all major platforms including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, osCommerce, Wix, Weebly, Volusion, Prestashop, and more...

We develop multi-channel shopping cart options to integrate with Amazon and EBay, increasing exposure. We integrate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suites allowing for seamless online sales management operations.

We implement tools to assure accurate shipping and taxing information on each order, for each location. We develop ecommerce solutions to support multi-store, multi-site, multi-vendor and multi-lingual platforms. We integrate with mapping software and support store locators for brick and mortar locations.

We develop custom ecommerce modules to support front and back end online operational enhancements and efficiency upgrades. We implement responsive design software including options for HTML 5, CSS3 and more allowing compatibility across all browsers. We program custom ecommerce cataloging and category management features.

We build custom interfaces to 3rd party applications and services through all available ecommerce APIs, web services, and others. We integrate ecommerce online merchant stores with accounting and financial management platforms including QuickBooks and Quicken software. We develop site and store optimization tools including SEO (meta tags, alt image tags, etc.), social media tracking, cart abandon reports, email marketing tools, and more..

Wizard develops turnkey tailor-made marketplaces & CRM solutions which are carefully crafted to fulfil the specific needs and interests of the client’s businesses. We bring together the team of highly talented, resourceful and innovative developers who can easily offer complete solution to the clients for establishing a robust on-demand marketplace to give a boost to their business growth.

Wizard offers custom-made marketplaces which comprises of design services, project management, technical development services, responsive development, SEO services, quality controls along with hosting, maintenance services and updates.

Each marketplace is designed to cater to the specific businesses needs and demands of the clients. Thereby clients get the best in class marketplace to counter the ever-growing competition by integrating the basic and advanced features during the development process.

Online marketplaces are typically categorized into three groups:

  • C2C (Customer-to-Customer): These marketplaces require the development of specific workflows to address the need to establish a robust platform for booking request and selling products & services.

  • B2C (Business-to-Customer): A typical ecommerce platform can be best described as a B2C marketplace wherein the seller is a business and buyer is an individual.

  • B2B (Business-to-Business): This marketplace is designed to efficiently manage and boost the efficiency of the transactions & exchanges between two businesses.

Wizard is recognized for its rich features set, innovative development and synonymous integration of modern technologies, resources and trends to bring the best marketplace for the clients.

Shopping Cart Platform Solutions

Wizard can help you in boosting your business with the right shopping cart platform which is specifically designed to increase sales and conversions. Wizard shopping cart platform includes everything required for a website to succeed in selling online. Our shopping cart platform helps in transforming mundane storefronts into beautiful, marketing focused businesses.

Selling online has changed. To succeed, you need a platform that is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of your business. Additionally, you need resources. Expert resources that understand and embrace ecommerce and are tirelessly working towards the success of your company. Our expertise extends beyond the software giving us the ability to offer you a wide range of marketing, development and support services.

Advantages of our Managed Services

  • Ensure better compliance and governance
    We understand the regulations, laws and standards set by various agencies in place to ensure compliance in business activities. Our team will provide the necessary measures to ensure that your organization meets the standards for enhanced compliance as well as governance.

  • Reign in the expenditure
    Unstructured management usually leads to insurmountable losses each month. We will analyse the overall costs and break them into fixed monthly payment which in turn helps you in doing away with large capital expenditure.

  • Access to Expertise, Best Practices and World-Class Tools and Technologies
    We had worked with a number of organisation from different business verticals in the past. This enabled us to procure talents, employ industry based best practices, develop & utilize world class tools and technologies.

  • Remain highly competitive
    Set yourself apart from others in this highly competitive marketplace by operating efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

  • 24/7 Customer Support
    Out support team remains accessible and available to provide an all-round support to your organization at all times.