Advantages for you when partnering with us

About us:

Wizard Group is a multinational business solutions company with 11 years of global expertise. We are based in the UK, USA, Australian and Indian regions.


Our strength stems from 600 well trained employees, geared to drive operational excellence, and deliver value to the top and bottom line.

Our Team:

Since inception, Wizard Group has benefited from a superior leadership team – where the consolidated experience is more than a 100 years. They have worked for or been associated with Global and reputed Brands like Nestle, IBM, HSBC to name a few.


Wizard Group is built with the best in class infrastructure with global standards in data protection. The office is a standalone building of more than 25,000 sq. ft. near to the heart of the city. There is additional capacity available near the IT sector of East India and 5 minutes from the international airport. Systems and processes ensure uninterrupted services by dedicated lease lines, power backups, servers from the best brands like Dell, HP with CISCO powered network systems.

Location Advantage:

Our Global presence in some of the key markets forms the platform for Global Service Delivery. We have our teams in US, UK, Australia and India. This helps us cater to local and cross border requirements as a solutions expert.


We are different from our competitors in the sense that we provide highly personalized service to our clients. We understand that every client is unique hence we utilize best practices and leading technology to meet our client’s need.

Multi-Channel Voyage

A real multichannel voyage is the ability for a customer to interact with a company through multiple channels and have context maintained, intent predicted, and be provided the best treatment at the stage in the customer journey.



Transform data to decisions. Drawing from a variety of data sources the platform anticipates customer intent in real-time and provides the best channel treatment for that customer at that point in the journey.



Engage your customers with more natural conversational experiences that are easier, contextually aware, and consistent across touch points. We use the same natural language model, combined with prediction, across IVR and virtual agents.



Use channel shifting and channel pairings to drive better customer experiences and outcomes. We break down channel walls and give our customers the ability to seamlessly transition channels or combine two channels simultaneously during a journey.



Apply machine learning and insights to make customer experiences intuitive and agents more effective. Deeply rooted in the platform is continuous learning that improves prediction, agent performance and gives enterprises powerful insights about their customers.